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How do I find a Spotify collaborative playlist?

There are some big players in the music streaming universe: Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. All of these streaming services offer a similar set of features, amenities, and even library size, however, only Spotify boasts an impressive 100 million paid subscribers. What do they all find in this Swedish application?

How do I find a Spotify collaborative playlist?

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A huge advantage of this platform is that it’s completely customizable to your music taste. You may notice that after just one day of using this service, it will already present you on the main page those songs that you might like.

After a while, you could notice that the service is starting to make playlists of the songs that you might like or the music content that you used to listen to so that you’ll remember the old days.

Generally speaking, when it comes to playlists, they’re essentially the backbone of Spotify’s service. The platform itself offers customers as many as 50 million songs and over 4 million wonderful playlists. No other service will offer you such a huge number of music content!

In addition to the fact that playlists simply exist in the application, and it is possible to listen to them, you can also create your own personal playlists. You can sort them by genre, mood, event, and so on. You are able to upload to them anything you want, but the most important thing is that the creation of playlists is available even if you are a subscriber of the free version of this streaming service.

Also, in addition to the ability to create their own playlists, you can also share them with your close friends. This feature is called collaborative playlist, and it was launched by the developers back in 2008 (2 years after the launch of the application). By taking advantage of this feature and giving your friends access to your playlist, they will be able to:

  • edit the order of songs;
  • add new music;
  • remove songs from the list.

If you’ve created your own music album, or you are a member of multiple collaborative playlists, you may be asking the question How do I find a Spotify collaborative playlist? It’s very simple, in order to see the entire list of playlists and choose the right one you need in the left panel, right-click a playlist. Then select Collaborative Playlist. As you can see, it’s very simple.

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If you want to try a new music service but have some doubts because of losing all your media library on the old one, the special MusConv application will help you. This comfortable and easy platform is capable of transferring all music content from one music service to another in just a few minutes, so, sign up and enjoy the result.