How Do I Find An Editorial Playlist?

The streaming service Spotify has become the benchmark of the global music industry. Today, almost every artist cannot imagine the development of his musical career without participating in music streaming. The streaming service sets the rating, it also pays royalties. By the way, Spotify is not without reason proud of the fact that it has paid out no less than $16 billion in royalties to artists over the entire period of its work.

The main feature of Spotify is playlists. If your song gets into a popular playlist, you can get thousands of plays. And 100,000 plays is about $1,400. Therefore, today we will talk about playlists and how to get into them. Spotify has three types of playlists:

1. Algorithmic – these are automatic playlists that are created for each user based on his tastes.

2. User – playlists that are compiled by the users themselves. Some of them are very popular.

3. Editorial – This category of playlists is the most valued on the streaming service. Their development and creation is handled directly by the Spotify team itself. But getting into the editorial playlist of the Swedish green giant is extremely difficult.

Getting into algorithmic playlists is also considered a great success for any artist. For an effective result, you will need to issue an official application on the service and send it to the curators at least three weeks before the date you set the release date.

User playlists, by definition, are compiled by the users themselves. Therefore, you need to find their authors. There are also services for paid placement. For example SubmitHub and playlistradar. But they do not guarantee placement, but simply offer your track to the authors for a fee.

Tracks in the official editorial playlists are selected by the editors. To give editors time to listen to your song, it should be uploaded 2-4 weeks before release. This will be enough time for them to conduct their assessment of the proposed material and make a decision on whether to put the song on the editorial playlist or not. You can upload a track for review in the Spotfiy for Artist app. First you need to register in this service and create the most attractive own account.

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It’s important to Spotify that your song is featured in blogs and the music media. Therefore, conduct a promotional campaign for the release.

The very first thing you should do is subscribe to the Discover Weekly playlist. Released every Monday, this is a curated playlist created by Spotify itself. It includes two hours of music created from your most recent listening habits. It will also include other tracks from similar bands or artists, and some of the other people with similar tastes that you have listened to.

Discover Weekly is a very useful feature. It takes your own listening data and compiles it with others who listen to the same music. It then creates a new playlist that merges the two and adds a few new releases to create the playlist.

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