How Do I Find Big Playlists?

It’s no secret that music streaming has revolutionized the music industry. Today, the main income is generated not by live performances in front of the audience, not by concerts or music shows, but by music streaming services. From live performances and sales of music on physical media in the music business, only one dollar out of five comes in, and the other four dollars comes from music streaming.

Of course, this is why artists of all levels are extremely interested in promoting their name and songs in the music streaming system. Swedish streaming service Spotify has become the most popular music platform in the world. And at the same time it has become one of the most attractive sources of income for musicians. Of course, Spotify does not pay the highest percentage of royalties, there are services that pay artists several times more. But they also have fewer listeners. Spotify currently has over 380 million active monthly users worldwide. And the number of listeners directly affects the amount of royalties paid by the service.

In order to profit from placing your song on Spotify, you must first register with a special service for artists called Spotify for Artists. Registration and proper registration of the account will be in many ways the key to success.

Before publishing a release, you must submit an official application for the curators of the streaming service. It is advisable to make an application in advance, at least three weeks in advance. This time will be spent on consideration of the application by the curators of the service and, upon approval, being included in the editorial playlist.

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To get into Spotify’s big editorial playlist with your song, you need to focus as much as possible on your best work. This means that you first need to calculate the potential of the song, which will be able to “shoot” in the future. In the application, it is necessary to describe the project in as much detail as possible and enter the most detailed metadata. They cannot be neglected, it is with their help that users search for a particular song or playlist in the most efficient way.

Outside of the Spotify streaming service, it is also desirable to create your own story. Don’t neglect social media and other streaming platforms. You can blog. The maximum representation of a certain artist, not only in the music world, is also obtained with his maximum representation in the media space on the vastness of the worldwide network.

After all, the submitted application is checked by the curators of the Spotify streaming service. They will need a long time, from a week to a month, because they have a lot of applications. Statistics say that Spotify’s music library is updated with at least 55 000 new songs every day. Naturally, each new song needs to be analyzed and evaluated. Her future in the world of music streaming will depend on this.

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