How do I get 6 months free Apple Music?

Music streamings apps have completely changed the way we consume music. Until recently, you had to buy each song individually to avoid becoming a pirate. However, now, streaming platforms offer official access to a multi-million music library for a monthly subscription. One of the platforms that are ready to provide you with such conveniences, as well, is Apple Music.

How do I get 6 months free Apple Music?

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After subscription, for a small fee, you get:

  • over 90 million songs in lossless format (including sections with exclusive new releases from many various artists);
  • availability of both online and offline listening options;
  • all-day radio;
  • access to one account from several different devices;
  • sections with new releases and hits;
  • tracks recommended to you (based on your own musical taste).

Moreover, before paying for a subscription, the Apple Music app gives a free trial period to new users. It usually lasts for 3 months. However, not so long ago, customers heard that it was possible to get an extended free usage period here. So, how do I get 6 months of free Apple Music, you may ask.

First of all, such an interesting offer really does exist. A huge advantage is that it is intended not just for new customers of the streaming service. Even those who already use the Apple Music platform can take advantage of it.

To get the six free months you just need to connect one of your eligible devices to the Apple Music service. The devices can get such parameters:

  • AirPods (2nd generation and 3rd generation), Pro and Max version;
  • Beats (almost all their variants);
  • HomePod (and homePod mini).

It turns out that, as a bonus to your new device, you’ll get a gift from Apple Music. But, how do you properly connect your new device to get six free months? We kindly recommend you follow the next steps:

  • update your device to the latest version;
  • connect the new accessory to your phone (or other gadgets);
  • open the Apple Music app;
  • sign in to your personal account;
  • after logging in, a free usage offer should appear on the home screen. If it doesn’t, go to the Listen Now section where you can find the offer;
  • accept the offer and start your free 6 months!

If anything goes wrong, contact Technical Support straight away.

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