How Do I Get A Premium Tidal Subscription?

Tidal is a service that allows you to listen to music, podcasts and watch music videos over the Internet and mobile applications. There are two Tidal Premium and Hi-Fi subscriptions available, for one, family and students.

The Tidal media library contains over 70 million music tracks. You can listen to your favorite songs without commercial breaks and the way you want. Create your own playlist or use preset editorial playlists for every occasion or even created by the artists themselves, especially for Tidal. With offline mode, you can download songs to your device and enjoy them without internet access.

In My Mix on this streaming service, you will find songs you listen to frequently and new artists selected based on genres you like. My Mix consists of 6 different playlists depending on the music genres you are listening to.

In the standard Tidal promotion, we get unlimited access to the entire website library in Premium and HiFi versions for free. We can use the free service for 3 months. At the end of the promotional period, the standard subscription fee will be charged and the subscription will be automatically renewed. Only new users of the site can take advantage of the offer.

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The Tidal voucher with a half-year free version of the application is only for new users who create an account. It is an interesting and effective offering that works in the music streaming music market. Thanks to this promotion, the application became even more popular and attracted many new users. Using a voucher is a good way to try the service without entering your bank account or payment card details. Once the voucher has expired, you will only be able to continue using Tidal after activating the subscription in your account.

Some vouchers can only be accessed through the link provided by the Tidal partner. Vouchers with a website address are only available through the specified website. In addition, vouchers are only valid for Tidal Premium – if you change your voucher subscription to Tidal Hi-Fi during the period, the voucher will be canceled and Tidal will charge you for the new subscription.

The second way to buy access is through a Tidal subscription. It consists in paying for access to the site using a payment card or PayPal. The subscription fee is charged monthly and can be terminated at any time. When your subscription is terminated, you can continue to use Tidal until one month has passed since your last payment. But in this case, each new user will receive a free version of one month duration.

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