How do I get all my Apple Music back on iPhone?

Listening to music on your iPhone or iPad is very convenient and pleasant. You can add hundreds of songs to your media stack and listen to them on your devices. But what if your songs or playlists go somewhere?

In fact, backing up iTunes or iCloud can help you recover music removed from your gadget if you previously copied songs to cloud storage. This post will show you detailed instructions for restoring remote music. Moreover, you can rely on comprehensive data recovery software iPhone to find deleted songs with iPhone, even if you do not have a proper backup of iTunes/ iCloud.

The original music will remain intact during the recovery of iPhone using backups of iTunes. And you’d better select the computer on which you previously synchronized iTunes backups, otherwise you might not get backup files. iTunes

Run FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery and click Restore from Backup File iTunes in second place. Select the specified backup file iTunes and click Start Scan to locate the music in the backup. iTunes All backup files will iTunes be displayed in detail in the right pane. Select the category to which the deleted songs belong. Review and select audio files, then click Restore to save the restored music to iPhone.

Apple Мusic

Select the type of remote music recovery in the panel, check the “Show deleted items only” option if you want to track long-deleted songs. Review and select deleted songs to restore. Select “App Audio” or “Voice Memos” to view the details. Review and select the songs you want to restore and click Restore to save the deleted music back to playlists, music apps, and related locations.

People who previously bought songs from the iTunes Store can get these deleted music from a backup of iCloud.

But in this case, we are talking only about the content that was acquired by the user and is, in fact, its property. But it will not be possible to restore the music collection after canceling the subscription to the services of the music streaming service. In this case, when restoring the subscription, you will have to collect the music collection from the beloved tracks again.

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It is best to save music from the music streaming service, changing its format in MP3 using special applications. In this case, no further action will be required.

Using the above-mentioned methods of playing music, you can restore the remote music of Apple Music regardless of whether it suddenly disappeared or these songs are still displayed in the iTunes. You can track and restore all remote music from any device by following the instructions above. Data recovery software or other methods of restoring data according to your real requirements can be easily found on the Internet by making an appropriate request.

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