How Do I Get An Editorial Playlist On Spotify?

Spotify Editorial Playlists are playlists on Spotify compiled by Spotify’s music experts and genre experts. Each playlist has its own direction, genre and mood characteristics. In addition, even a division into actions is provided, for example, running or walking.

The Swedish music streaming service has a very handy app called Spotify For Artists. If you want your music to get into the editorial playlist, then you will definitely need to register in this application.

To get into the editorial playlists, you need to place the release through Spotify For Artists in the appropriate tab in order to attract the attention of curators. And you need to do this at least one week before the planned release of the single. The editors will need time to evaluate and edit the playlist.

So far, a huge mass of people in the world still do not use any streaming services at all. This is primarily an audience over 35 years old. Those who already use something are motivated to switch from one service to another by availability on different types of devices, relevant recommendation algorithms and products. For example, Spotify has the most complete catalog – over 70 million tracks and over 4 billion playlists, both editorial and user, in turn, the recommender system allows users to discover new music.

If you are working with a distributor, please understand that it can take up to five business days from the distributor’s approval of your release to the time your release is delivered to Spotify. Five business days after your release has been approved, you can submit an artist URI request to technical support.

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When planning the release date, it is constructive to allow for four weeks from the time the release is made with the distributor. Then you should have time to get access to the artist’s office and pitch your first release. Once your release has been distributed and you have the UPC code and artist URI code in hand, you can proceed with the process of gaining access to your artist account through

The service recommendation system is based on big data and is able to find songs and artists for the user that he will definitely like. The more actively you promote your name on a music streaming service, the more likely it is that your fan base will increase every day, and editors will approve the inclusion of your songs in editorial playlists much easier and faster.

To get into the editorial playlists of the Swedish music streaming service with confidence, you need to constantly post your songs or musical compositions and constantly increase your activity.

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