How Do I Get Apple Music Forever For Free?

Apple is great at making technology, it’s hard to argue with that. But many people have questions about services. Probably, each of the users of apple gadgets knows people who regularly update their iPhones or tablets and do not use any of the services.

And if you can argue with haters of apple smartphones, tablets and other gadgets for a long time, then these guys have iron arguments about Apple services. Almost every song in Apple Music has lyrics. Also, starting with iOS 13, the lyrics are shown in karaoke mode, which is very convenient for the listener. At any moment, by tapping on a specific line or word, the composition starts playing in the right place. No streaming service can compete with Apple here.

Everyone understands that Apple integrates its services deep into the system in such a way that they are not even chosen. Apple literally forces us to subscribe to them.

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service for mobile, desktop and other devices from Apple. In principle, you can play without subscribing to this service, especially since there are few games there, but here, Apple has prepared several gingerbread for us. Set a trap, so to speak. First, a subscription to the Apple Arcade service allows you to completely get rid of ads and in-app purchases in all games. This is already a huge plus.

Modern games are literally teeming with ads that you can’t refuse.

It is more profitable for each developer to insert several banner ads than to allow the user to pay once. You will see ads every time you play, which means you can get more profit from here.

Many users argue that the biggest disadvantage of Apple Music is the lack of a free version. It was the free version that made the Swedish streaming service Spotify the world music market leader. Apple Music doesn’t have it, but the service does offer a three-month free trial. Anyone who subscribes to the service for the first time can take advantage of this offer. If you have already subscribed to Apple Music, then you will not be able to take advantage of this offer, for this you will need to create a new account.

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The Cupertino corporation often holds promotions for users who decide to join the huge family of Apple Music lovers.

For example, for new users from a particular country of the world, a particular mobile operator, various promotions are provided, many of which include a six-month opportunity to use the free version. In this case, the user gets access to all the functionality of Apple’s music streaming service. But a completely free version of Apple Music cannot be legally obtained.

You can use the hacked version of this application. But in this case, you are at serious risk, because, firstly, it is illegal, and secondly, along with a hacked version of the application, you can also get a virus that will very quickly destroy your computer or smartphone. Worst of all, if hackers get access to your bank accounts and empty them. That is why it is recommended to refrain from using the free hacked version. You can save a few tens of dollars, but lose much more.

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