How Do I Get Deezer?

Deezer is a French music streaming service that entered the market in 2007. It was created in Paris and is now available in 180 countries with 73 million users. Despite the fact that the Swedish Spotify is the leader of the global music streaming market, Deezer is ahead of it in some countries in terms of mass and popularity among music fans.

Deezer’s latest visual update has made it even more user-friendly for those looking for a modern, clean, and easy-to-use service. In addition, the service offers free and paid plans, so it is also suitable for those who want to listen to music online, but are not going to spend anything on it.

You can use Deezer from any browser on a computer connected to the Internet. To do this, simply go to and create an account – or use your Facebook or Google details to sign in.

This process is free and you can use Deezer online for free and without major restrictions. Without payment, you cannot save songs for offline listening and are forced to listen to some kind of audio announcements in the transition between some songs, in addition to advertising banners that appear on the cover of the site.

The Deezer home screen will collect tips over time, always based on your past music activity. That is, artists similar to those you usually listen to will appear there, as well as special playlists created by the curators of the site or other users.

In the menu on the left side of the screen, you can view the “Search” field. Click on it to search. Now enter what you want to search – artist, album or song – and the results will appear in real time. Please note that search results may include artists, albums, or songs, so click on what interests you.

If you go to an artist’s page, you’ll find information about that artist, as well as a list of available albums, playlists, and a section with similar artists – perfect for finding new music. When accessing the album page, click on the disc cover to start listening to it.

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By right-clicking on a song or album, you can add it to the current playlist. Click on an item and in the menu that opens, select the option “Play next” to play the song or album as soon as the current song ends, or “Add to playlist” to have the selected item go to the end of the line.

Then, to see the music queue you’ve created, tap the playlist button – the last one on the far right at the bottom of the Deezer control menu.

Saving playlists is a very useful feature for anyone who is a regular user of the streaming service. This is because you can collect similar artists there or create playlists for specific purposes – for example, for sports, study, parties with friends, and so on.

If you want to use Deezer on your smartphone or tablet, simply install the service’s official app on your device. The application has versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Finally, you can install Deezer to use it directly on your computer. It has official versions for all operating systems.

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