How Do I Get More Plays On SoundCloud 2022?

SoundCloud is a music streaming service that has become increasingly popular in recent years. And this is the result of not only the right marketing policy, but also the fact that the streaming platform is becoming more and more interesting for independent artists who want to make money on music steaming and turn the streaming service into a source of income.

SoundCloud is a goldmine for labels, they constantly find interesting artists there (XXXTentacion and Billie Eilish are examples of this). Recently, the hip-hop scene has become more active on SoundCloud, there are also many beatmakers and podcasts appearing there.

 How Do I Get More Plays On SoundCloud 2022

SoundCloud promotion methods can include adding similar artists as friends and a recommendation system that suggests similar music in the “Discover” section based on the songs you have already listened to.

The SoundCloud player widget on your site is also handy for quick access to music, so you can embed it on your music landing page to increase your listens.

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A paid SoundCloud account does not provide any benefits for promoting music, but provides additional options for downloading, monetizing through SoundCloud Premier, and distribution. Despite the simplicity of this service, it really helps newly minted DJs and musicians to distribute their music and find their listeners all over the world. SoundCloud is quite easy to use and it’s not difficult to sign up for it.

If the track you posted is really good, then they will definitely comment on it and repost it. In this case, I advise you not to be lazy, but be sure to visit the commentator’s page, so to speak, “on a return visit” and, subject to interesting works in your opinion, also express your opinion. Well, in general, if you are really interested in music, then be sure to mark the good work of other DJs (musicians).

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