How Do I Get My 2022 Replay On Apple Music?

As one of the top three music streaming companies in the world, Apple Music is constantly innovating to make it more advanced and to attract new users.

In particular, users will be able to view and analyze the content they listen to on this streaming service and make certain analytics for themselves. This will help to come to some conclusions and, quite possibly, correct your user behavior on the streaming platform.

The exact number of times you play is not shown, but you can find out which songs you listen to often by checking out the playlist called Replay. Based on your play history, Replay combines the artists, songs, and albums you listened to the most in a year into a playlist.

This music listening list is updated weekly so users can see the latest and most up to date list. If you open a 2022 replay among them, the songs will appear side by side in the order you listened to them, starting with the earliest.

Incidentally, Apple Music was introduced in 2015, so if you’ve been using it since the beginning, you can check out the whole story over the years.

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Considering that the streaming service from the Cupertino corporation is distributed exclusively on a paid subscription, this feature is available to all users, even those who have not yet paid anything to the service as part of a three-month trial:

  1. You can also check the number of replay views that you could not check with the smartphone app before. The rating will be updated weekly, and the TOP-100 will be determined at the end of the year.
  2. You can also check the number of artists you’ve listened to and the top 10 artists you’ve listened to the most. You can also check the number of verified albums and TOP10.
  3. If you use the Apple Music stats app called SongsInfo on your smartphone, you can check the view count just like you would on a PC.

If you don’t have a PC, use the app on your smartphone because you can see the number of views you’ve listened to and check the cumulative playback time. Replays are created by aggregating browsing history.

If you have disabled the browsing history of your device, Apple Music will not be able to enable this option, and you will not be able to analyze the music you listen to on that streaming service.

If you’re listening on multiple devices, be sure to check each device’s settings screen. Please note that if you have just become a paying member and the number of views is low, it may not be displayed because it cannot be aggregated. Start by listening to and allowing Apple Music to recognize your favorite music.

Also, a free trial on its own won’t get you the number of views you need to play, so be sure to become a paying member.

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