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How do I get my Music into WeDJ?

DJing made easy with WeDJ. It’s a great DJing app that allows play and mixing music by only using mobiles and tablets. If you have never heard about it, we recommend you get a closer look right now!

How do I get my Music into WeDJ?

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WeDJ is a development of one of the best-known DJing companies – Pioneer DJ. It’s a universal app that allows both iOS and Android fans to create their own tunes. Thousands of users have already appreciated its simplicity and functionality. Now, it’s your turn! 

Still don’t know where to start? Now we will show you the right way.

First of all, you need to go to Google Play Store or App Store and find the app. After that, install it and open the app.

While opening it, you will see the tutorial that will tell you something about the software. However, you could face the problem of music adding and wondered: “How do I get my Music into WeDJ?” Get the necessary answer with us right now!

Here is a full step-by-step process of music adding:

  • Open the app;
  • Allow WeDJ to access media and files on your device;
  • Tap the left/right upper button “Tap to LOAD” and add your songs from your device’s playlist.

What’s more, WeDJ supported DDJ-200, DDJ-WeGO4, and DDJ-WeGO3. You may ask us: “What does it mean for me? How can it be useful?” Answers are quite simple. As these DJ controllers can be linked with streaming services like Sound Cloud, Tidal, Beatport LINK, and even Beatsource LINK, you can add your existing playlists from these platforms easily.

If you use Spotify, you may face some difficulties, as it doesn’t support any DJing services. However, it’s not a problem anymore, as there is a special service MusConv in the music market.

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services

It’s a convenient application that allows transferring songs, playlists, albums, artist biographies, and other musical content between Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud, and other 150+ music apps. It has helped thousands of users and is deservedly considered to be one of the best apps in the sphere of music transferring. Is it sounds too good to be true? Try it and give your feedback.