How Do I Get Noticed And Signed?

Success in the music business directly depends on the recognition and popularity of the artist. It is popularity, his virtual presence, even in the daily life of fans, that often becomes the key moment that determines the creative fate of the artist himself.

Modern methods of distributing their music and creativity in general are significantly different from what could be observed a few years ago. Digitalization has affected all spheres of life, and the music industry in particular.

What does an artist need to have to get the attention of a record company looking for new talent?

To get started, improve your shows by researching bands or gigs that you enjoy that are already signed to a record company. Take a cue from the leaders of the music industry.

You have to realize that record companies aren’t looking for up-and-coming talent to spend money on and hope for the best. They seek to invest in already established professional individuals or groups in the music industry, with whom they can almost guarantee a profit.

Their investment in your music depends on your professionalism and commitment to your craft, your product and your image.

Once you have some solid creative material, start playing in bars or other places where people gather to listen to music. First, take a look at the shows that take place in these places to see what kind of people will be present at your performance. Start with one or two shows a month until you build a consistent audience.

Once this is achieved, you can increase the number of performances to one per week and then expand with more regional performances.

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Increase your social influence by having many influencers and social media followers. You have to create activities that happen on Twitter and Facebook in general, for example, and in this way grow your fan community. Enter your blog. In modern conditions, the importance of social networks cannot be underestimated.

Record a video, this point is very important, since most record company repertoire assistants usually look at your social environment and, of course, YouTube almost the first thing. The video should attract attention in the first 10 seconds and have a denouement and ending, that is, create a story. Today this aspect is very accessible from an economic point of view, and its success will depend only on a good song and a better script.

You can do this in video format or through a landing page, but to be heard by record companies, you need to be concise in all aspects and get to the point.

Create a cover letter, think of it like a job application for your music. It usually consists of a photo, your demo, the band’s biography and any comments, reviews, interviews or reviews you or your band have received.

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