How do I get on Deezer?

The Deezer music streaming service was first launched in Paris in 2007, and today it has become one of the most popular among music lovers in almost the entire world.

Deezer works equally well on all devices online and offline. The idea of ‚Äčthe application is that anyone can get the opportunity to listen to their favorite music for free at any convenient time, not only online.

Deezer can listen absolutely free if you install Deezer Free. The free version of the application is valid on an ongoing basis. But the set of features in the free application is limited. You cannot download music tracks, you cannot listen to offline music, you cannot turn on random playback order.

To create an account on the Deezer server, you must go to the official website or install the application of the same name in any way convenient for you.

Migration from Tidal to Deezer

You can register manually by entering your email address, creating a strong password, coming up with a username, entering your age and half. Or, you can transfer data from Facebook, Google or Apple. In this case, all items will be filled out automatically. When all items are filled in, it presses the “register” button at the bottom of the screen and is highlighted in pink.

You must then agree to the application policy. And the next step will be the choice of liked genres, performers and music tracks.

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The unique Flow function independently selects the user’s favorite music according to his preferences, based on previous search queries on the platform, and gives fresh recommendations, which makes the use of the service much more comfortable.

The user will be able to choose favorite songs not only by playlists or by his favorite genre, but also by a specific performer. To do this, just enter the name of the artist or the name of the musical group in the Search tab. With the Notifications tab, you can constantly keep your hand on the musical pulse of the world, learn the latest music news and get acquainted with releases. And the selected tracks can simply be saved in My music.

The rules for using Deezer do not impose any additional obligations on subscribers, and they will be able to cancel their subscription at any time at will.

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