How do I get SoundCloud to play 2021?

The music streaming application SoundCloud was created by German developers in 2008. Its headquarters are in Berlin. Today, SoundCloud is among the leaders in the global music streaming market. A feature of the application is its versatility, in which it combines the functions of a streaming service and a social network. This is really a kind of social network that allows musicians to communicate with fans, download music and sell it.

Initially, the service was SoundCloud launched as an online platform for independent musicians, where they could publish their works, exchange experiences with colleagues and chat with fans. To do this, each registered user is given the opportunity to download up to three hours of his own music with the possibility of increasing this value when buying a paid account. Now the services of this service are used monthly by more than 175 million listeners.


To start using the application, you must create an account in the SoundCloud. You can do this for free by using the appropriate services on Google + or Facebook. The user can change the profile photo in the SoundCloud. To do this, go to the home page and select the configuration item.

The application meets us with nice slides, which briefly talk about the capabilities of the service. The user’s home page is a navigation bar where records published by friends are placed. Here you can listen to the track, save it on your playlist, or like it.

The Search button is required if you are looking for a specific user or for music you want to listen to. The collection tab stores all songs that are marked as liked or recently listened to. The application also contains the “Stream” option, which houses audio recordings that are gaining popularity.

Many use the service only for listening to music and storing it. Since Soundcloud is a cloud, audio recordings can be played on any gadget. All you need is Internet access.

If you are a novice performer, then the application can be a good help for the development of your own creativity. To notice the track, you need to come up with an enticing title. The correct name of the composition will help the audience understand a lot of audio recordings.

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Do not forget about loading the image to the track. On the social network you do not need to number audio recordings, Soundcloud does it for you. To make the playlist more visible, you need to learn how to use tags. A large number of loaded tracks increases the number of listeners. All this increases the chances that your composition will be shared.

You can use the application for free, but in this case the functionality of the service will be somewhat limited. Paid subscription gives many advantages, including not only the ability to work offline, but also the lack of a limit on the number of downloaded tracks.

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