How Do I Get YouTube Premium For Free?

Just want to focus on the fact that the YouTube Premium service is paid. It is offered by the giant Google and gives you the option to enjoy the YouTube Music Premium service as well. You will also be able to watch video content from classic YouTube without ad breaks, and you can also download videos and use the video streaming background playback mode.

But the cost of YouTube Premium is quite high. You can get all this for the price of 11.99 euros per month for an individual subscription, or alternatively you can also take advantage of the family subscription for a price (family subscription can be shared with up to six family members), in which case you will save significant facilities.

If you use an iPhone or iPad and are thinking about a YouTube Premium subscription, the price varies, there is a slight increase, in fact it costs 15.99 euros per month for an individual and 22.99 euros per month if you want to use a family subscription. Google representatives explain such a high cent by the fact that there is an application store commission from a corporation from Cupertino.

Obviously, if you choose to use the YouTube Premium service, you must have a Google account (which will be used to access and activate the service).

After creating a Google account, or if you already have an existing one, be aware that you must link payment details to the same account and, obviously, to a valid payment method. This procedure is followed in both cases if you intend to terminate the service and therefore not continue after the free trial, and also if you wish to continue subscribing to the service.

The first thing to do is launch your favorite browser that you use on your PC. Now you just need to go to the official page of the YouTube Premium website and click on the blue button below Try it. You can also try the YouTube Premium Family or Student option for a month, just click on the option You can also save with the Family or Student plan.

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Obviously, in both cases, it will be necessary to log into your Google account and fill in the data that will be requested.

Now that you have chosen a payment method, you will need to provide and enter the data that will be requested (card number, expiration date, CVC code), however, if you are going to use PayPal and My Paysafecard payment methods, you will be redirected to the official websites websites of the respective brands to access and verify your account to complete the procedure.

You have a month of the free version of the app. You can cancel the subscription and then re-create the account, after which you will get one month of the free version again. But this will require you to have multiple email addresses.

Another way to get YouTube Premium for free is to use the hacked version of this music streaming app. But this is not only illegal, but it can also lead to the infection of your device with a computer virus.

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