How do I import music to Deezer?

The French music streaming service Deezer allows you to listen to the music of various record labels in very high quality (lossless audio). In its media library there are more than 60 million musical compositions and about 30 thousand radio stations. Among them are entertainment stations, information, tourist and so on.

Deezer today officially operates in almost 200 countries, and the number of its listeners reaches 20 million, of which almost half use a paid subscription to service services.

If a user wants to import into Deezer favorite tracks or playlists that are in his personal music archive phone or computer, then doing this can be quite easy, it takes only a few steps.

Как загрузить музыку в Deezer

You must first log in to the music application on your computer or web browser. Note that you will need to display the full version of the music streaming service.

Next, select «Playlists», and then click the «My mp3 tab» and mark the music you want to import. And confirm the intended action.

The optimal option for importing media files into Deezer will be the use of the services of the music portal MusConv. With it, you can quickly and easily import both individual tracks and a whole set of playlists and music albums. The application is very efficient, it has an intuitive interface. Even a person with a minimum of knowledge of using a computer can take advantage of it.

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You can import music into Deezer from almost any music streaming platform or other music storage location.

The choice of the French music streaming service Deezer will be successful. The individual approach to the user, the availability of both a paid and free version, an intuitive interface, a large media library and high quality of sound of the music listened to provide this platform with well-deserved authority among music fans.

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