How Do I Link My Spotify To HEOS?

HEOS is an application that allows you to quickly and efficiently find any music. But there are some features when using this application with the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

To connect your Spotify music streaming to HEOS, you will need to take some simple and understandable steps, which we will talk about below.

1. Start the HEOS application.

2. Choose from Spotify music options.

3. After you start playing, click the speaker icon (Available Devices) and select HEOS.

4. Select the playback device on which you want to listen to music.

5. Returning to the HEOS app, you can now return to Spotify (for example, change songs).

6. You can also listen through other HEOS speakers.

Note that after upgrading the HEOS application and speakers, you may need to restart the gadget so that Spotify Connect can find the HEOS speakers again. Therefore, close all running applications, shut down the device, and restart it. Spotify Connect must now work properly again.

If you gave someone else access to your system through Spotify, you can access your device again by accessing it yourself from Spotify. If everything is clear using the most popular streaming, then we will focus in more detail on the system itself, since when working with Spotify Connect, general knowledge of it is also necessary with an understanding of the basic principles of work.

HEOS uses standard home wireless technology, so you can use an existing router without having to install any new equipment, such as connecting devices. The wireless range and sound quality are far superior to Bluetooth. Any device on the network that has a free HEOS application can adjust the sound of any column. More than 100 years of Denon’s experience in the field of audio devices have provided the opportunity to create HEOS.

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In total, there are about a dozen models in this product line that allow you to optimally choose the configuration for almost any room, as well as ensure interaction with existing audio equipment. It is controlled using a mobile application that supports local and network sources of music.

Playback is controlled from smartphones or tablets with branded software installed. The control device must be in the same LAN segment as the system. All devices have equal access rights, so music playback started from one program can be stopped from another copy. Note that some settings are also inherited, including the grouping of columns, their names, equalizer adjustments. The speed of response to user actions in the program usually does not cause comments, in particular when adjusting the volume. The only thing that may take a few seconds is when changing the network source.

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