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How do I make a private collaborative playlist on Spotify?

It would be handy if, for example, at the party at a friend’s house every guest can listen to his favorite music from the same playlist. Moreover, just imagine that you’ve found a song that your friend would definitely like and you would want to share it. If you do not know how it is possible to do, Spotify is ready to give you that opportunity with collaborative playlists.

how do I make a private collaborative playlist on Spotify

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That’s why you and your friends can manage and edit joint music collections. Anyone who gets access to a track could delete or add songs to the shared playlist. It is possible to see who made the changes due to the special function that displays the name of the editor, and it is convenient enough. However, the owner may limit the rights of group members with access to a certain playlist. In short, the author of the original version of a collaborative playlist may regulate all related activities.

However, how do I make a private collaborative playlist on Spotify? – you may ask. The algorithm varies depending on the connected device to perform this action. Let’s now look at how to do it both on a computer and on a phone or tablet

For computers

So, in order to create Spotify’s joint playlist, you need to make these steps:

  • open the application on your desktop;
  • click the right button of the mouse on the left sidebar;
  • in the opened window you should select the Collaborative Playlist option;
  • allow access to the new playlist with your friends (to make it possible, you need to copy the playlist link and send it to them, or share it via social networks).

For mobile phones or tablets

  • launch the application;
  • go to My Library tab;
  • select a Playlist and click “Do Collaborate”.

Also, do not forget that once you’ve shared a playlist link through e-mailing or social platforms, every co-owner would get the opportunity to edit your playlist. If you’re worried about losing your music collection because of someone else, Spotify offers a data backup feature. So, you can do this from time to time without fear of losing your important music data. Read attentively how to do it with safe:

  • select all your music content from the collaborative playlist. Then, click on the chosen songs and press Ctrl + A.
  • After that, add all your favorite music content into a new list to get a copy.

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services

If you are really interested to try using Spotify, then the convenient application MusConv could be useful for you. This program will not let you lose saved music content accumulated on another streaming platform. It will transfer all the data from the previous portal to the new one so you can continue to enjoy it.