The music industry currently offers many opportunities for novice singers. They can perform at music festivals, upload tracks to streaming services, and much more. One of the songs of an unknown artist may become a hit and bring him or her fabulous popularity overnight.

How do I make an audio track?

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The most important advantage of today’s music industry is the opportunity to start a career without the help of third-party companies that need to be paid for the promotion services. However, of course, to start the path to fame, every novice performer should know the answer to the question: How do I make an audio track?

In fact, making your first track is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t even have to hire cool professionals or find a label to do it. Here are some simple instructions that will help:

  1. Come up with the lyrics for your future song. Of course, sometimes it’s not easy to do this, but perhaps you can be inspired by tracks from other artists. Start writing when you’re in a good mood and you know exactly what you want to convey with your lyrics.
  2. Think about the musical accompaniment. It all depends on your imagination. Maybe you play some instrument or want to create electronic music with the help of a special program. In the second case, you are likely to have to pay for a subscription to an appropriate application.
  3. The third step is to put lyrics on the music. You can go to a professional recording studio, or try to record a track at home. You may need to buy some equipment (microphone, sound-absorbing panels, headphones, etc) to work at home.
  4. Once your song is ready, you can start distributing it. The easiest place to start is streaming platforms. You have the option of uploading your tracks and watching the statistics. The advantage is that you can get royalties for listening almost immediately.

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If you don’t want to become a musician and dedicate your whole life to it, being a regular streaming user is a good choice, as well. To find the perfect platform for you, use the special software Musconv. This service can transport music between platforms, or synchronize it. Everything works quite simply and straightforwardly.