How Do I Make My Song Go Viral?

Making your song viral, securing popularity and high profits is probably the dream of almost every modern artist. But making a song go viral is actually not that easy. Sometimes it happens that she somehow becomes viral, with little or no participation of the author himself. But this is rather an exception to the rule.

Surely this topic interests you, because this is one of the main barriers that an independent artist faces when trying to launch a music project. Selling music is beneficial only to accomplished performers. Visibility should be a priority in a marketing plan.

There is a method to viralize songs on Twitter that actually works. In this way, you will turn your Twitter followers into your own advertising medium, so that if 500 people share a tweet that you list on their walls, all of the followers of each of these people will have the opportunity to see it and discover you. If the message is powerful, it will go viral and your brand as an artist will be strengthened.

Once you upload a song, you have two options: downloads that will come directly from the platform’s traffic, or from people who come through the distribution that you manage to contribute. Reach out to influencers regardless of the industry and ask them to share your tweet so their community can download the song.

Activate the contest across all your networks by asking your followers to participate in this method, granting those who do so access to a recurring prize draw. If you have the budget, activate a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube Ads campaign.

Good social media management in an artist’s career can and should add value. This is just one of many cases where technology joins forces with a music project to make a difference. The key will be in the decision you make when distributing your music, whether it’s for free or through regular payment methods.

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The first thing you need to understand is that you are still unknown and interested in selling your songs. Talent in itself is a very good thing, but it does not guarantee success in the music market. If you have talent, then this does not guarantee success, but this is already half the battle. Indeed, without talent, it is much more difficult for an artist to become famous and climb the musical Olympus, or at least get close to its top.

Be attentive to the moment. What are they talking about on social media? What is the most talked about news? What is fashionable? If you stay up to date, your sense of time will improve. Appeal to the sensitive side of people. Surprise, laughter and amusement are the emotions that work best in the realm of virusization.

Push each part through different channels. One social network is not enough: upload your content to different networks, adapting it to each of them.

In the world of social media, few people succeed at first. That’s why the best advice is to learn from mistakes in order to improve your strategy.

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