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How do I make Serato run faster?

Speed is a crucial thing in many areas of our lives. Every day we are in a rush, and sometimes it’s better to slow down to see the most important things.

How do I make Serato run faster?

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However, this statement doesn’t apply DJing industry. It’s a fast-moving sphere that doesn’t forgive slowness. Getting into it, every DJ tries to catch the wave and keep up all the innovations. 

Despite such a sincere desire, DJs can be stopped by the equipment. Sometimes, it doesn’t work properly and make DJing to be slower. That’s why every professional musician tries to find the solution and usually wonders such questions as: “How do I make Serato run faster?” 

If you have also asked yourself the same question, catch the answer to it right now!

To accelerate Serato, you should make a PC optimization. It consists of the next steps:

  • Ensure that you have connected your computer’s power adapter;
  • Adjust power options, so, your PC doesn’t sleep mode or reduce processor activity;
  • Update graphics driver;
  • Update network adapter driver;
  • Disable USB power management;
  • Optimize hard disk;
  • Install the latest device drivers;
  • Disable user account control.

We have mentioned just a small number of manipulations for Windows that need to be done to speed up the work of Serato. However, if you are a Mac user or just want to read the full tutorial of the optimization, you should visit the official Serato webpage. There you will find the answers to all your questions.

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