How Do I Make Song Go Viral Today?

Do you want to become famous in the musical field, do you want your song or music to be listened to in any farthest corner? Then it will take some effort to achieve a similar result.

More recently, a young man from Kazakhstan, who worked on the railway, created a remix of a famous track. And suddenly, in just a few days, his creation went viral, and he became a celebrity – DJ Imanbek. And, most importantly, he was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Music Award, and later became its winner. And a millionaire.

To make your song that you have posted on one or more music streaming services go viral and be heard everywhere. You should try hard or just hope for luck. But the first one is better.

The importance of social media cannot be ignored. It is with their help that you can acquire a lot of subscribers and create groups to which you can add other members. The importance of social media in developing your music career cannot be underestimated.

Using Facebook or Instagram, you promote your own song and spread it around with great speed. Thanks to social media, your song can go viral with even minimal involvement from music streaming services.

In addition, you must follow a few more rules:

1. Your song should have a catchy title. It doesn’t mean at all. That it should be short. The main thing is that the name clings to the soul of the user and is quickly and firmly deposited in his memory. Therefore, you need to work on naming, and work very seriously. A catchy title can often turn a song into a hit in no time.

2. An important factor will be the external design of the song, and its presentation. If you do not have enough knowledge for this, then resort to the services of professionals in this field.

3. If you shot a video for your own song, then try to make it high quality and capture the viewer’s attention. Sometimes the most interesting videos are the ones that look the least like regular video clips.

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Make the most of social media. All techniques for promoting your product on social networks can be found in the public domain on the Internet.

Before you can start submitting content, it must be properly signed. You can even do this directly in Windows by right-clicking on a file, choosing Properties, and filling in the details in the Details section (if you’re filling in repetitive details, such as an artist or album name, you can select multiple files together). Tag editing is also possible on many audio players, even the long running Winamp, which recently got an online skin museum.

When you rip audio CDs to MP3, you can automatically download the descriptions, for example in the CDex available in your database. Otherwise, grouping by artist, song title, album, and so on will not work. ID3 tags are required because they cannot be added after the music has been downloaded. At most, you can delete files from the cloud and put already signed ones back there.

So, you can make your song viral. But you need to understand that if everything was so simple, then almost all the songs would be viral. The factors of luck and an effective algorithm of actions in this case will play a decisive role.

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