Is there a free version of Apple Music?

Everyone knows that Apple Corporation takes great responsibility for its goods and services. It appreciates adherence to its terms and conditions of use. That is why users of the world-famous music streaming service Apple Music are not allowed to download content from the service. But what if users really need to save a song from this particular platform? How do I permanently save Apple Music songs? – they may be interested in it.

How do I permanently save Apple Music songs?

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In fact, there is no way you can save any content from Apple Music to your device permanently. You can listen to songs, podcasts, and audiobooks offline if your subscription allows it. Also, you can buy music, but you can’t save it forever. The issue is that each audio recording published on the platform is encrypted by numerous multi-level codes.  And this actually doesn’t allow you to download any song to your device. In conditions of service usage, it is specified that such activity infringes upon copyrights and principles of work of the company and that is why it is illegal.

There is certainly no problem in the 21st century regarding modern technology that cannot be solved. As you may have guessed, there are many apps and other web resources that can help you bypass restrictions and save songs from Apple Music forever. Such activities are completely illegal and can even threaten your device and, not surprisingly, your wallet.

So, before you use third-party platforms, think twice about whether it’s worth it. And if you still decided to use such resources, trust only the best ones to avoid further problems. Consequences may include restrictions on the use of the app and even legal action if customers use a downloaded song from a particular artist somewhere and, therefore, infringe the copyright of that performer.

Try it free

If you are still the kind of Apple Music user who doesn’t want to use third-party resources, you will probably have to consider buying a monthly subscription to the platform or switching to another music streaming service where downloading is free and legal. When you find a platform that suits you, you will need to transfer all your music content from your current platform. Just use the special app MusConv, and you will be safe and calm.