How Do I Play A Karaoke Disc On PC?

Unprofessional performance of popular songs to sound phonogram with subtitles is a very popular entertainment today, denoted by the Japanese word «karaoke». Specialized phonograms and subtitles are created and distributed both commercially and by simple enthusiasts. Of course, karaoke playback is also possible using a computer.

If the work is stored in the format of a regular video file with subtitles superimposed on it, then you can start it using any video player installed on your system.

Typically, double-click a file. If these files are recorded on an optical disk, then after inserting it into your computer reader, either the menu of this disk will be started, or an offer to play the files with a standard video player of the operating system will be offered. Insert the disk into the drive. Make sure that the drive is connected and serviceable.

The disk menu should open automatically. If this does not happen, it is possible, but your computer does not have suitable codecs.

Install the K-Lite Codec Pack, restart the computer, and then try again. Wait for the AutoStart, select the appropriate song, and then start it.

If the AutoStart does not work, go to My Computer and open the drive through the Explorer. In this case, you will not be able to select songs from the menu, but you will be able to include them individually directly from the disc.

You can try to install special programs designed to play karaoke discs, but finding a program that will not have viruses and that will work with your type of discs is quite difficult. It is better to immediately buy a disk that can work both in the player and in the computer.

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If this is a karaoke disc recorded on a DVD, then after installing it in the reader, a menu appears on the computer screen in which you select the playback option. Karaoke DVDs are typically computer-ready and contain the necessary software that runs or installs automatically.

The disc with songs can be purchased from the store, you can download the disc from the Internet, or you can create it yourself. To do this, use the regular data disc writer that is installed on your computer. Open the karaoke files you selected for recording in the project window. Write down the disk. You can record several hundred songs on a standard bum. To play the disc, simply insert it into the disc drive and open it in karaoke player.

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