How Do I Play Music On My Denon Receiver?

Compact cassettes, CDs and physical recordings of music were yesterday. Music today comes from streaming services, from networked hard drives, from smartphones. There are different ways to make them heard from there.

 If you want to distribute music in your home, you can use WiFi speakers. Modern receivers are often already network compatible, older ones can be retrofitted with WiFi receivers. Inexpensive Bluetooth adapters transfer music from your cell phone to your old stereo system. Bluetooth units replace radios in the kitchen or bathroom.

By the way, outdated stereos can be easily and cheaply retrofitted with Bluetooth. With simple Bluetooth receivers, smartphones, tablets or laptops can stream music directly to the system via short-range radio. A simple solution for everyone who can do without network functions such as multi-room and usually listen to music from only one device.

Wireless speakers distribute music wirelessly to all rooms. Network receivers replace the old amplifier and function as a multimedia center, and in some cases can even be expanded to a home theater system. WiFi receivers connect your analog stereo system to the network. Inexpensive Bluetooth adapters transfer music from mobile phones and tablets directly to the old system. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, the Bluetooth boxes can also be used on the go.

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With the right combination of Denon wireless receivers and network-compatible amplifiers or WiFi receivers, even more is possible: users can use it, for example, to stream music from CD or vinyl to other rooms.

While the music comes from music streaming, some platforms offer specialized programs such as Spotify Connect. In this case, the transfer of music occurs directly from the server to the Denon receiver, and the gadget, for example, a smartphone, becomes only a device that provides a stable connection with the server. Firstly, the battery charge of the smartphone itself is saved, and secondly, this operation of the gadget will not interrupt the transfer of music due to a phone call. It is very comfortable. With select Denon models, you can use AirPlay music streaming. This system works in much the same way as Apple’s AirPlay streaming protocol. The receiver automatically appears on every AirPlay-enabled device or directly in iTunes after you connect to the network with the device. All you have to do is press the AirPlay symbol and you can enjoy music on your system.

Denon receivers are very diverse, so there is no way to quickly describe all the modifications, as well as focus on their advantages and disadvantages.

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