How do I play music on YouTube after closing?

By default, the popular YouTube application stops playing music and video immediately after the phone is locked and the screen is turned off. Changing this behavior is quite difficult. The ability to listen to the video is not initially included in the YouTube application. There is no special setting that changes this behavior. The reason for this behavior is an attempt to force users to watch ads.

Going for a run or another workout, it’s so nice to put on headphones and listen to music, but, unfortunately, the YouTube application in the phone haunts one nuisance. Namely, it suspends operation at the very moment when the screen is locked. This means that it is worth removing the phone in your pocket as the music stops playing, because you will not leave the screen in the pocket in an active state. Otherwise, he would continue to work, but the musical work will still end sooner or later. In a sense, this is logical, because the application is designed to play video, and it makes no sense to play video again when the screen is inactive.

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You can listen to music on the YouTube in the background only to those users who have issued a paid premium-subscription to the service. In this case, extended functionality allows you to do this. But not everyone wants to use a premium subscription, because YouTube is quite available in the free version.

The easiest way to listen to YouTube videos without a paid subscription is to use a free web browser. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Firefox is great for this task. The advantage of the method is that it works on all devices. It is desirable to set the application to show the site in the so-called full computer version. To do this, open the settings at the top of the page and tick the box next to the desired line.

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