How Do I Put Karaoke Music On USB?

For recording karaoke music, a flash card will become the most convenient, compact and simply universal tool.

Thanks to advances in technology, karaoke goes far beyond its original medium. Some even allow karaoke performers to bring their music to USB flash drives for direct connection to a karaoke machine for a larger playlist. Luckily, writing karaoke songs to a flash drive is a simple process with just a few simple steps.

In fact, recording a karaoke to a flash drive is just a transfer of data from a computer’s memory to a removable medium. For those who are not very familiar with this system, we will explain that you can find a flash drive by clicking on «My Computer». Next, the disks of your computer appear on the monitor, among which the last will be removable media. It can be called differently, but it will definitely be indicated that this is a removable drive.

To get started, insert your USB drive into one of the USB ports on your computer. Pre-karaoke tracks must be saved on your computer. Select the folder in which they are located, open it and check the contents, making sure that. That these are exactly the audio files that you want to transfer from your computer to the flash drive. If everything is ok, then in this case you can start the process. Double-click this folder and right-click to open functions. You can send it by specifying the save location – removable storage. You can also copy and paste to a USB-stick. In all cases, the folder with audio files will be transferred to the flash drive. Only when you copy it, the original will also be saved on your computer.

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Rename the karaoke song files in each of the transferred folders so that each has a five-digit number in its name. Each folder contains two files: mcg file and mp3 file. The two files in each folder must have the same name with a different extension. For example, the first folder contains files named «00001.mcg» and «00001.mp3», the second folder contains files named «00002.mcg» and «00002.mp3», and so on. It starts with a file of the series «00001» and continues until you rename all the files.

Then you can safely remove the flash drive from your computer. We recommend that you use the Safely Remove Hardware option beforehand. You can use a USB flash drive almost everywhere. Do not forget about the amount of memory on it. If there is not enough memory, then you will not be able to transfer all karaoke files to this removable media.

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