How Do I Put Music On My Android Phone?

If you use a smartphone on the Android OS, then you probably asked yourself the question of how you can download music to it. Unless, of course, you love her. Actually, this is quite easy to do.

You can use several ways to download music to your Android smartphone. There is a paid and free option.

If you are willing to pay for music, then almost any music streaming service will do, the choice of which is simply huge today. But there are streaming services with free versions that you can use all the time, and there are those that do not have free permanent versions.

You can download streaming music using the premium version of the streaming service. Let’s take Apple Music as an example. This is an option for iOS and Android, where not an automatic machine works on the selection of playlists, but real people, experts, including those from famous publications. A long trial period is three months, after which you will either have to subscribe or not use the service. A gigantic selection of music (over 70 million tracks), Siri integration, AAC tracks that offer high quality sound.

So, you can download music with a paid subscription. But this music streaming service has a three-month free trial period. At this time, you can safely use all the functions of this platform. And then just cancel the subscription and return the money spent. Thus, you can download songs almost free of charge and in high quality sound.

You can use the popular messenger Telegram. If you are registered in the messenger, then the Music service is available to you. You can subscribe to any music channel of your preferred direction, reviews, news, recommendations and communication are also available there. Or you can just download your favorite tracks and listen to them offline without a subscription.

The next way will be to use specialized services for downloading music to your Android device.

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For example, let’s take the Videoder application. You don’t need an internet connection to access the varied content of this application, which contains a large catalog divided by genre and even stages of different periods, and keeps you up to date with music premieres, latest releases. and plus. Without a doubt, it is one of the best music download apps.

The big advantage of the apps is that when you save content on your device, you don’t need an internet connection to listen to your favorite music, unlike Spotify, for example.

In a way, these apps are a good option not only for storing music, but also for democratizing access to it, since they allow those who do not have the ability to maintain a paid service to create a large and diverse collection of songs or albums.

There are many such applications today, just go to the Google App Store. Recall that it is better to download any application, including music, from the official website. This will protect your device from infection with computer viruses and, in addition, guarantees the high quality of the downloaded application and its effectiveness.

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