How do I record with Audient iD4?

The AUDIENT iD4 audio card differs from the previous generation interface by better converters that are on the same level as those used in the flagship audio interface iD44. The novelty acquired a more powerful amplifier for headphones and the ability to connect two sets of acoustics. The sound card is equipped with two branded Audient preamplifiers used in the manufacturer’s studio consoles and a hybrid JFET circuit that simulates the input stage of the lamp amplifier.

AUDIENT iD4 that audiointerface which will be suitable for those users who want to buy the equipment for sound recording at rather low price.

The audio interface provides 120 dB of dynamic range on the DAC and ADC, so it is possible to improve recording and output quality without problems. It is also possible to connect to USB 3.0, which provides power via the bus through the USB Type-C port. ID14 MKII has two headphone outputs and two additional line outputs.

iD4 is the smallest and least difficult to handle member of the AUDIENT iD4 audio USB card family. According to the needs of his intended user – solo recording of music at home or on the way to a tablet or phone with a iOS, or to a Mac or Windows computer ­– the form factor iD4 was cut to create a compact box with a high-quality note.

The external sound card must be properly connected. Most of the misunderstandings and problems with the operation of AUDIENT iD4 are primarily related to the incorrect connection of this equipment.

Connecting iD4 is as easy as connecting its USB wire to the right electronic device – at least as long as you are a Mac OS 10.7 or Windows XP or higher user. The iOS device must be at least version 6 and have Camera Connection connectivity.

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Instructions for using AUDIENT iD4 can be found easily on the Internet or on the YouTube channel. iD4 has several unique aspects. Monitor Mix control is useful not only for mixing input and return signals from the DAW, but also for controlling the display of input or output LEDs by the LED. There is also a Monitor Pan function, which is launched by simultaneously pressing the highlighted Mute and iD buttons and is controlled by an audio encoder, which allows you to create a stereo mix of input signals. Pressing the ID button turns the audio encoder into a mouse wheel. Pressing the encoder muffles the main output by 15 dB, and the Mute switch starts flashing, informing that the command was successfully completed.

AUDIENT’s iD4 functionality and practicality are in excellent balance, making the device convenient for use in any situation that requires fast and high-quality sound recording. Although, first of all, it is worth noting the exceptional performance of the classic A-class microphone preamplifier.

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