How Do I See Only Songs On Spotify?

Spotify introduces another effective option. This time it’s a section called Only You. In it, users will find content adapted to their musical tastes. Among them are playlists and much more. There will be six different experiments in total.

Spotify, which is gearing up to fully implement its HiFi plan in the not-too-distant future, has over 380 million users and knows that everyone listens to music differently. The company lives up to expectations and announced a new feature that is coming to the app. There is a Only You section. In addition, it provides even more personalized content and the ability to create new playlists.

Spotify wants, through the Only You section, that every user can better discover new music and streams. The company has divided the new feature into six different options. The first is the Audio Birth Chart, which represents the music the user has recently listened to using special characters. We then have the opportunity to “invite” three artists to a dream dinner. Then a Spotify Mix will be created for them.

Another option is artist pairs, which showcase the content of the last two artists you listened to. Then we have the song year, which represents the musical journey. Finally, we will find the time of day when you can discover new content, genres and themes.

Just You is a solution that allows you to see a quick overview of our activities on Spotify and provides personalized playlists that are guaranteed to perfectly match our musical tastes. By going to a specially prepared section in the application, we will find out which artist we have listened to the most over the past six months, and which artist best “shows our sensitive side.”

We also learn what kind of music and podcasts we listen to at certain times of the day, such as morning or evening, and learn about our favorite music genres and podcast topics.

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The Only You feature also allows you to create new playlists. According to the developers of Spotify, now the user will be able to choose three artists whom he would like to invite to dinner.

After selecting this trio, we will receive personalized playlists with selected artists to ensure the right mood while eating. And the function of combining artists will provide a playlist of songs from two different artists.

As part of the experiment, Spotify is also introducing a blending feature. Its task is to form a playlist based on the songs that the user and his friend listened to. Just invite a second person to enjoy your new music mix. It is worth adding that the playlist will be updated daily.

The new convenient option fully fits into the Spotify policy, which aims at a personalized approach to the user, invigorating the relationship between the streaming service and the music fan. It is worth adding that the new option is available not only for users of the paid premium version, but also for those who listen to streaming music on Spotify completely free of charge.

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