How do I sell my music on Boomplay?

Streaming services became an integral part of many people’s everyday life a long time ago. You can listen to the classics, subscribe to your favorite artist, or discover new music compositions.

How do I sell my music on Boomplay?

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If you’re an artist, you understand the benefits when streaming platforms work for your creativity. You can gain millions of fans audience if you use certain sections of the application. To make it work, you need to understand how these services work and create your profile with your own compositions.

The more sites you use to upload your creations, the more fans and profits you will have as a result. But for more or less well-known artists there is another algorithm. Of course, they need to expand their audience. For this purpose, more thematic streaming services are ideal.

If you want to enter the African music market, Boomplay is the perfect solution.

Boomplay music streaming platform was created by an African company for African people both artists and fans. But now the platform has many users all over the world. And it allows a lot of perspectives for musicians.

However, here’s the question, “How do I sell my music on Boomplay?“. You actually have two options for how to fix it:

  1. Add your tracks. In order to do that, you’ll need to sign in to Boomplay for the artist category. There, an option to upload your compositions will be accessible. In addition, the application offers a fairly extensive dashboard for monitoring audience activity and income calculation. The platform pays all royalties to artists on a quarterly basis. This option is ideal for artists who want to manage everything personally and get profit.
  2. Sign a contract with a music company. With such contracts, all the technical aspects become a deal of special promotion company. They will publish content on the streaming platforms and create marketing campaigns to make it popular. Moreover, they will give useful advice about promotion because they know all the mechanisms of the music industry. This is a very lucrative option for musicians because they can focus on their creativity and avoid technical problems.

It’s worth mentioning that you also can upload your video content to Boomplay. This will be your additional source of income.

In general, the system of monetization for artists in Boomplay is simple enough. And most significant, you can see the statistics and payout reports. Thus, artists’ income depends on:

  • the number of times someone listens to your track;
  • views of your music or concert videos (if you have such type of content);
  • the type of account where customers can listen to your music;
  • the number of downloads of your songs for offline listening.

All these factors are summarized and then it could be possible to get royalties. According to statistics, the Boomplay service pays the highest royalties to artists among all African streaming platforms. That’s why be sure to consider hosting your tracks in this application.

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