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How do I show Serato key?

When a person decides to enter into the DJing field, it’s really important to learn the basics. He has to familiarize himself with different programs and concepts like mixing, phrasing, beat matching, and others.

How do I show Serato key?

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The learning phase is one of the most important in the DJing industry. However, if you have already passed it then there is a time to dive into the Serato software.

Serato is world-leading DJ software that allows its users to mix different songs. It has a lot of cool features for creating great mashups. However, one of the most interesting is a key detection feature. Starting to work with the program, every DJ asks himself: “How do I show Serato key?

If you are also wondering about such a question, this article will give you a detailed answer.

To show the Serato key, you should go through the next steps: 

  • Open Serato;
  • In the upper right corner find and tap the “Settings” button;
  • Click the “Library + Display” section;
  • Find the “Show key as” section and choose the needed format.

There are 4 formats in the “Show key as” section:

  • Camelot;
  • Classical Key;
  • Open Key;
  • Original Tag.

All of them are used by DJs to smooth the transition between songs and harmonically master tracks together. The only thing you need to do is to choose the most suitable format for you.

After that check the presence of the “key” column on the working area. If you haven’t found it there, just click the right-click on the “song” title and add the “key” column.

Serato is a real treasure for all DJs. It’s not only advised DJs on the best songs to mix; however, it’s also allowed them to add playlists from Tidal, Sound Cloud, Beatport, and Beatsource.

If you have used other streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, you won’t have an opportunity to add songs to Serato directly. Nonetheless, we know how to transfer your playlists to the platforms that are supported by Serato.

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You can do it by using the MusConv app, a special service that can move all your musical content between more than 125+ music platforms. Just rely on it and continue your development in the DJing industry.