Why does my Spotify keep pausing iPhone?

Spotify provides a myriad of fantastical features for its users completely free of charge. 280 000 000 users have already taken advantage of it with 130 000 000 of them going Premium. 

That’s understandable. Spotify’s Free Plan is delicious: getting further access to even more functions for only a handful of dollars is even more tempting. Why not go for access to an ad-free experience or share the joy with 5 family members? 

Unfortunately, the better the service is, the more frustrating it is when it breaks down or starts to stutter. Here’s what you can do: 

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Check that your drivers are up to date 

Not having the right drivers may cause your device or app to put things on hold until you catch up. Don’t stay behind! As soon as your drivers are up to date again, your experience will get much better. 

Make sure there is no rubbish 

Cleaning your device often is the key to excellent performance. Use your PC or phone’s special tools that allow cleaning multiple copies or unused files in only a few clicks. 


Apps and devices accumulate scars and damage over time. Maybe installation files were corrupt at the time you downloaded or the app’s download was missing something to start with or glitches or bugs caused it to underperform. To reinstall, go to Start ( this is Windows 10), then Applications, find Spotify, and click Uninstall (for other versions and platforms instructions will vary slightly but the process is the same). 

Want to know more or transfer tracks to or from Spotify? MusConv is here for your every need. 

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