How Do I Stream Spotify To My Receiver?

Music streaming has become the present and future of the music industry. Streaming services have surpassed pop in popularity with live concerts, audio CDs and vinyl records. But the question often arises: how to stream music from your favorite music streaming service to the receiver?

For example, a user wants to host a mini-disco or stream music streaming to the home screen of their home theater. Let’s take a look at the popular music streaming service Spotify.

With over 380 million active users worldwide (almost half of which are paid subscribers), Spotify is the largest and most popular music streaming service in the world. But with Spotify Connect – arguably the most important streaming feature – you’re no longer limited to listening on your smartphone or computer.

The Swedish music streaming service has probably revolutionized the world of music streaming. Neg has a feature that allows you to easily and transparently switch streaming between multiple playback devices. So Premium users will be able to switch streaming from their smartphone to any compatible speaker. In this case, the smartphone will work as a remote control, while while playing music, you can answer calls or play videos from YouTube – this will not interrupt the broadcast. The sound system receives a stream of music wirelessly directly from the Internet.

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This makes it easy to transfer the song you just listened to on your headphones to your home music system without the hassle of switching cables or logging into a Spotify account on another device. All you need to do is click on the Spotify Connect icon and select the acoustics you want – a stereo in the living room, speakers in the kitchen, or a computer in the workplace. Spotify Connect will play your music wherever you want it to be.

Spotify Connect requires more than a Premium account with the popular streaming service. You need a compatible music center or speakers with wireless connectivity.

Spotify Connect is supported by a wide variety of systems, and support for this feature can be visually identified by a striking sticker.

The ability to stream music to the receiver without loss of sound quality has become an invaluable asset for the Swedish green streaming giant. Today, competitors in the global streaming market are also trying to implement this innovative technology. Therefore, it is likely that a similar feature will soon become commonplace on any music streaming platform.

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