How Do I Stream Tidal?

Every year it becomes more and more popular to listen to music and watch movies online. Why store tons of unreliable data drives, music CDs, records, cassettes when you can connect to Wi-Fi and instantly access a million audio recordings? People have already appreciated the possibilities and convenience of streaming platforms, among which there is the world-famous Internet service Tidal.

Tidal now officially operates in 60 countries around the world and provides about 70 million songs for listening and more than 250,000 music videos for viewing. Access to the Tidal library can be obtained with a paid subscription, the cost of which varies depending on both the type of subscription itself and the country in which the subscriber’s account is connected. So you can optimize the costs of subscribing by choosing the right country for registering a new account. As you can see, Tidal pursues a flexible tariff policy. For example, the cost of a subscription fee in the United States of America will be several times higher than in Argentina (in terms of the US dollar).

When registering, Tidal requires you to fill out a questionnaire with a minimum set of data about yourself and be sure to link a bank card for future payment. The service provides the first month for free, but to get a trial month you still need to register, and when registering, you will have to deposit a bank card. The card must belong to one of the international payment systems. You can also use an e-wallet. After the end of the trial period, you start using Tidal for a fee. Your monthly payment is debited automatically from the linked card.

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There is an option for a family account, when one person subscribes, and the rest cling to him as relatives and it turns out cheaper for everyone. A family subscription can be signed up by people who live at the same address. Up to six offline accounts can be created. It is possible that in the foreseeable future, Tidal, like its direct competitor Spotify, may conduct verification of family tariff subscribers by determining their geolocation. But for now, it’s just a concern.

Immediately after successful registration, access to the entire media library of the music service will be granted, and the user will be able to freely wipe, listen to the music he likes or watch the music video. He may want to hear a live broadcast of a concert by a popular band – this is also possible on the music streaming service Tidal. Tidal is also handy when you visit and want to play your music there. To do this, you do not need to save it to a medium in advance and try not to forget it at home, but simply use the Internet and log into your Tidal account. The sound quality on Tidal is better than listening to music on social networks, and the quality of the image and sound is much better than the video clips from youtube. You can listen to music from Tidal not only through the native application, but also use third-party software players.

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