How do I submit music to a Spotify playlist curator?

The promotion and number of listenings on any streaming music service largely depends on playlist curators. Adding your music to the playlist, it is advisable to contact the curator of this playlist. Establishing a contact will help further cooperation. Not everyone knows that the most popular music streaming platforms today and their successes are the people who make up the playlists. It is their recommendations and taste that generate a huge number of views and attract users.

How does Spotify know which playlists to create and which songs to download? A group of curators is responsible for this. Such a team works in the structures of each company that offers streaming services – Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and others. It is created by music journalists, DJs, musicians – both professionals and enthusiasts. Every day, they review thousands of songs to choose those that suit them by category.

This includes their experience, knowledge of music and musical tastes, as well as data provided by a specific streaming service on user tastes, preferences and behavior. Of course, it is not always possible to disrupt the jackpot, so curators constantly monitor the popularity of the playlists they create, as well as how users use them.

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Curators use a tool called PUMA – Playlist Usage Monitoring and Analysis. It provides information on the number of plays, the number of passes, and the number of saves. All this is marked with demographic data and is presented in an attractive graphic form. PUMA allows curators to be even more effective.

In order for the curator to pay attention to the songs added by the user to the playlist, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate form, which will be presented to the author of the song or musical composition when it is uploaded. The more detailed the description of the track, the more detailed its genre is, the faster it will get to the curator.

Contact the owners of independent playlists. It is worth the time to check out smaller playlists that match the genre of music you create and contact their owners (many have linked their accounts to Facebook profiles, so they are easy to contact). Even participation in independent playlists will bring you fans, and the history of presence in independent playlists is also one of the important factors of choice for curators of large playlists.

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