How Do I Transfer Playlists To A New Account Spotify?

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has been a solid leader in the music market for several years now. It has almost 400 million users worldwide today, of which almost half have paid subscriptions.

But sometimes it happens that a user, for one reason or another, decides to close one account on this streaming service and open a new account on it. When registering a new account, the new user will not have pre-created playlists. If he created his music selection in a previous account, then it will remain unclaimed unless a few relatively simple steps are taken.

An existing Spotify account can only be transferred if it is in the free phase. However, since some apparently have longer remaining expiration dates on their accounts, they would like to create a new user account and use it. However, if a new user is created, there are no playlists in that user, and there is currently no function to directly export or import playlists to Spotify.

But what’s the easiest way to transfer your playlists from user A’s account to user B’s account? The answer to this question is quite simple – use Spotify’s playlist sharing feature. To do this, follow these steps:

Publish all playlists to all users. To do this, right-click on the playlist and select “Publish” from the submenu. Unfortunately, you have to do this for every playlist. Bulk editing is not available here.

To complete the next step, you must know your username. It can, but only in the most rare cases will match your name. Therefore, you should register on the Spotify website and check your profile. There you will find your username. For example, if you signed up through Facebook, the username will be a number.

Transfer playlists. Now you sign in to Spotify with a new account and search for the following string: Spotify-user-username or user ID.

You should now see all the playlists that were created with the other account and you can “follow” them with a simple click.

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So, as it turned out, transferring the playlists you already created in another account to a new account on the Spotify streaming service is not so difficult. In fact, you subscribe to yourself, only in the last registration option.

But what happens if you delete a playlist on your old account? This playlist will remain in the new account. However, each playlist has an addition “from person XYZ”. If you want to avoid this, you need to recreate all playlists, for better or worse, and copy the content of the song.

The main thing in this case is to clearly follow the described algorithms for transferring playlists. There is nothing difficult or impossible. But this is the situation with Spotify. Not all music streaming services can provide their users with such a service. If this feature is not available, then you will have to use third-party applications to transfer playlists you have already created from one account to another.

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