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How do I trim tracks on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud can be considered as not only a music streaming service, but also a social network. This resource allows you to not only create your playlists, download your music and songs, but also evaluate them, make likes and share with friends.

Quite often, when loading your own track on this platform, editing is required. For example, songs or music will simply need to be trimmed by making an ardent purry. And the user does not quite understand how exactly this can be done.

trim tracks on SoundCloud

This task will require Audio Editor services. In the case of SoundCloud, this will be Soundcloud to MP3 Converter. This is a web application that downloads tracks, playlists, songs and music SoundCloud in MP3 online format. To download a track or playlist in this format, paste the URL into the text box above and click Download. The song will be uploaded to your system in seconds.

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You can also edit audio files with this service. The same service allows you to improve the quality of the audio recording itself. You will be able to increase or decrease the volume, create an increase or attenuation of volume, you have a convenient menu, ease of operation, high speed of processing files, a thoughtful interface. Unfortunately, there is one minus, you can cut a song only in mp3 format (with any original audio and video format). Here you can not only cut audio, but also connect it from several parts. Click the Connect Songs tab. Download the audio parts that you want to connect. Carefully check which parts of the audio file you selected for download so that you do not later redo all the work. Listen to the song and find the episode you want to extract from the main part. Select it using the left mouse button.

If you know from which and to what second the desired passage lasts, you can set the trimming boundaries manually. This will allow you to perform the procedure more accurately. The next step is to save the result. By clicking on the diskette icon, you replace the original composition with a cropped fragment. At the same time, the format, for example, if the melody was in mp3, will remain the same.

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MusConv displays SoundCloud playlists for transfer to other music services