How do I turn off iCloud without deleting everything?

Those people who use Apple gadgets are probably familiar with the iCloud service. So, iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage platform. It allows you to:

  • download large amounts of popular music tracks,
  • store various photos and videos,
  • keep useful emails, contacts, reminders, notes, and documents,
  • use the iPhone finder application,
  • share files with other devices connected to this storage.
How do I turn off iCloud without deleting everything?

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The advantages offered by such a service are really numerous. But sometimes users ask the question, “How do I turn off iCloud without deleting everything?”

The two main reasons for wanting to turn off iCloud storage are:

  1. The annoying messages that the storage is full;
  2. The desire to store all content on one device without accessing it in online mode.

But as it turns out, it is not easy to deactivate iCloud without deleting your library. However, you may use a few tips to make it work for sure.

So, before you start to clean up iCloud, you should make a backup of the content that’s there. This is just to be on the safe side in case something goes wrong. Just make these simple steps:

  • in the browser of your device (preferably, personal computer) go to;
  • access your cloud storage using Apple ID;
  • choose all the content you want to save;
  • upload it to your computer by clicking on the appropriate button.

Once the upload process is complete you can safely proceed to the next step. The following instructions will help you to clear your iCloud account:

  • go to the settings section of your phone;
  • then open your Apple ID settings;
  • select the iCloud menu;
  • in the opened section find the content you need to delete and go there;
  • in the management section, choose to Turn off iCloud Photos;
  • from the following options, select Download Photos & Videos.

Once you’ve done this, all the content from the cloud will be downloaded to your gadget and then deleted. But, be careful and check the free memory on your device in advance. That way the operation will be successful. If there is not enough storage space, try getting rid of unnecessary files.

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