How do I update Denon DJ Prime 4?

DJing is one of the most fast-moving industries in the music universe. Every day new DJing products versions appear on its expanse. That’s why every DJ needs to keep track of industry changes.

How do I update Denon DJ Prime 4?

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However, do you know which company rolls out the most updates in the field? It’s Denon DJ, one of the best-known players all over the world. Being one of the most important companies, it releases updates to a great variety of products, from DJ players to standalone DJ systems. 

As updates can be interesting for most DJs, we would like to answer the question which is asked by every professional: “How do I update Denon DJ Prime 4?

The update is usually a fairly simple process that starts from the notification that appears in the software. If you have already seen one, you need to visit the official Denon DJ site and download the latest version of the product. However, before doing it, ensure that you have connected a standalone system to your PC. 

Everything connected? Great! Now go through the first stage of the update process:

  • Open the “Menu” in the Prime 4;
  • Find the “Utility” section and select there the “Update” button at the bottom of the section;
  • Tap the “Reboot” button and confirm the updates.

After that, Prime 4 will shut down and go into reboot mode.

Do you think that this is the end of updates? No, it’s just the beginning. 

Having passed the first stage, you need to go back to your PC and install the latest version that you have already downloaded from the Denon DJ webpage. 

When downloading is finished, Prime 4 will turn on automatically and it will mean that the update was successfully finished.

Nonetheless, don’t trust the system and check everything after downloading. 

It’s really hard to rely on services as sometimes something can go wrong.

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