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How do I update Denon Prime Go?

Have you still wondered about: “How do I update Denon Prime Go?” Today you will get a clear and detailed answer to the question.

There are two ways how you can update the firmware. You can do it by using the internet or your PC.

How do I update Denon Prime Go?

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Let’s take a closer look at the first one.

To update Denon Prime Go by using the internet, you need to do the next steps:

  • Connect Denon Prime Go to your Wi-Fi;
  • Enter the “Menu” and choose the “Utility” section;
  • Go down and find the “Firmware version” section;
  • Tap to the “Check for updates” button and choose the “Update” option.

After that, the system will recommend you two ways of updating by using a computer or web. Choose the most suitable for you. In our case, we consider how to update the system through the web.

By choosing the web, the update process turns on. The whole process doesn’t take too much time and ends with a system reboot.

However, what about the second way? How can you update the system by using a PC? Let’s consider this option as well. 

If you want to update the firmware by using a computer, firstly, you need to connect a Denon Prime Go to your PC by using a special USB cord. After that, you need to do some manipulations both on your PC and the Denon Prime Go device.

First of all, by using your PC, you need to go to the official Denon DJ webpage and download the latest version of Denon Prime Go firmware. After that, you need to open the file and move to the Denon Prime Go. In the menu, you should find the “Update” section and tap the “Reboot” button. Afterward, the updating process starts.

Nevertheless, it’s not the end of updating. When the Denon Prime Go reboots, go back to the PC and tap the “Update Denon Prime Go” button. That’s all. 

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