How Do I Use Apple Music 2022?

Apple Music is the second most popular (after Spotify) music streaming service, with a database of 75 million songs. The service can be integrated into iTunes, so with an offline song library, it is available for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android devices. The most creative element of interest is support for Apple TV and some Sonos and AirPlay devices. Beats1 24/7 radio is also available. Numerous playlists are also available.

Apple Music is a product of the corporation from Cupertino, California, this music streaming service is perfectly integrated into the Apple gadget ecosystem. But on other system like Android, Apple’s music streaming app won’t be able to show its maximum capabilities.

Since June 2021, it has finally become possible to listen to songs in lossless format (ALAC) in high resolution up to 192 kHz 24 bit. This lossless music format is exclusive to Apple Music. Apple Music HD (or HIFI) is available to every Apple Music subscriber, so there is no need to subscribe to any particular plan.

Apple Music plans are as follows:

1. Individual – 9.99 euros per month;

2. Family subscription will cost 14.99 euros per month;

3. Student subscription – 4.99 euros per month.

This streaming service does not have a free version a priori. But for new users, there is a period of three months during which they will be able to use the free version of the streaming application. The streaming platform periodically runs promotions for new users, in which you can get a longer free period, for example, six months.

Apple Music sound quality:

• AAC (lossy) files – 256Kbps for low resolution streaming.

• ALAC: up to 192kHz 24bit for high definition streaming.

Apple Music is both a platform and an app, available in desktop and mobile versions, that guarantees a flawless experience with any type of device. With a simple and intuitive interface, it makes it easy to navigate, effortlessly use all the features of Apple Music. Every day new songs, charts and new artists are released, which makes the application especially relevant.

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Inside, you can find your favorite song or artist, create playlists, discover the music your friends have been listening to and share tracks with your contacts, you can also watch music videos and access exclusive Apple Music subscriber programs. Every week the platform offers special playlists with the most popular songs of the moment chosen by their friends and the latest news received directly from the notification on the main message board.

Apple Music is integrated with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, a feature that lets you find songs and artists using voice commands.

With Apple Music, you can also view lyrics, read the lyrics of music tracks while streaming, create personal libraries, listen to the music you want even offline, or view international ratings divided by genre and geographic area. The Apple Music GUI is fully responsive, so it automatically adapts to any type of device, always offering optimal and fast navigation.

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