How do I use SoundCloud on Virtual DJ?

Streaming in today’s world is the main driving force. More and more people are buying subscriptions and enjoying the music of their favorite artists. With the SoundCloud app, you can both listen to interesting music and find something new without any problem. The platform offers a truly huge amount of music compositions.

How do I use SoundCloud on Virtual DJ

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Let’s imagine that you are a regular SoundCloud listener and can’t live without music. This often leads some persons to try his or her hands at creating or mixing tracks. And if you are such a person, you will search for a convenient way to make your new dream a reality.

The most convenient service for DJing is, of course, the Virtual DJ app. It can easily replace professional equipment that costs a lot of money. Its design is exactly the same as that of a physical DJ system. The controls are clear and intuitive, and it is an advantage for the beginner.

When it comes to the application’s functionality, there are really a lot of tools. You can do absolutely anything you want. Moreover, most professional DJs are coming to the conclusion that virtual DJ machines are much comfortable than stationary ones.

When you start mastering Virtual DJ, the first question you’ll be wondering is, “How do I use SoundCloud on Virtual DJ?” So, if you want to mix some songs from this popular streaming platform, you should take the following steps.

  1. First, find SoundCloud in your “online music” folder and click on it.
  2. In the opened window, log in to your account of this service.
  3. After successfully logging into your account, music from SoundCloud will be searchable in the Virtual DJ application itself.

Having completed these procedures, you will be able to play music from the streaming service both in streaming and downloading formats. However, it is also worth mentioning that if you have a subscription to SoundCloud Go +, you will be able to stream music online only. However, if you switch to a SoundCloud DJ subscription, you will be able to use the music both online and offline (if you save music into the cache).

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MusConv displays SoundCloud playlists for transfer to other music services

It is also important that SoundCloud is one of the few platforms that are able to work with Virtual DJ. However, if you use another service, there is a convenient and easy solution. The MusConv application can transfer your music between different streaming services. This process will take you just a couple of minutes and you’ll be pleased with the result!