How do I use Spotify and Deezer?

Today Spotify became one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It surely enters into top three of the world market of streaming music, and its audience in the 2020th passed for 300 million listeners from whom nearly a half – paid subscribers. The platform has very serious impact on all music world in general. For example, Swedes paid a royalty to owners of compositions for 16 billion dollars that can’t but involve both the experienced, and beginning performers.

Deezer is the French music streaming service. It became a reasonable alternative for the many musical  streaming services. The platform attracts fans of music not only the enormous 60-million media library, but also 30,000 radio channels and also high quality of playback of musical compositions and a set of different useful functions.

Both musical streaming services can be used on the Android, an iOS, the PC, the laptop, the home audio system, in the car or the smart TV. In practice there is no restriction for the used devices provided that their operating system didn’t become outdated hopelessly.

Access to any of these services will appear only after authorization of the user. If it has no individual account yet, then it should be created. For this purpose it will be required to think up the login and the password and also to specify the address of the e-mail. But it is possible to use Facebook accounts and Google at registration.

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To the new subscriber the system will suggest to get acquainted with Terms of use of service and to confirm the consent with them. Officially only users who will confirm that they already were 16 years old will be able to subscribe. Besides, it is necessary to confirm that the new user is a resident of the country in the territory of which it is officially authorized to use any of the specified streaming services.

As we see, registration of the account is quite simple, the beginning user will even be able to cope with this task, as well as to issue a premium subscription for gaining access to expanded set of functions.

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