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How do I use WeDJ?

If you have the desire to start learning the DJing skill yourself, then you should consider a special convenient program WeDJ. This application was launched by Pioneer and is quite popular. But, “How do I use WeDJ?” you may ask.

How do I use WeDJ?

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Before moving on to the description of the functionality, it’s worth saying a few words about the compatibility of WeDJ with different devices. The Pioneer software is not only suitable for laptops or computers but also for smartphones and tablets. Also, it can work with Apple products as well as Android devices. This is really convenient because it is very rare for other applications to be able to boast of that.

Now let’s take a closer look at the functionality of the aforementioned program. The first thing we notice when we enter the application is a bright two-channel interface. Here you can find the following elements:

  • play, cue, sync, and other buttons;
  • jogs;
  • wave indicator;
  • cross fader;
  • tempo sliders.

All of these elements are well-understood thanks to high-quality signs. With the help of a visual demonstration, they also allow you to improve the skill of DJing.

In general, thanks to a clear interface and interesting set of features, WeDJ is a really great application for beginners. In the process, the application will offer you useful tips on how to mix your tracks correctly. However, on top of that, the manufacturers also offer us an interesting feature like Transition FX. It will help you learn how to work with decks. So, to master how to make cool mixes, just choose an effect, and the software will tell you what to do next.

If you’re wondering where to get the music, the developers of WeDJ have taken care of that. You have the option to use the music:

  • from your device;
  • from Beatport Link;
  • from iTunes.

The most convenient option is the iTunes app. However, if you’re looking for something new, Beatport Link can help. This application was originally developed for DJs. There you have the ability to find complete versions of tracks and even listen to other DJs’ mixes in real-time.

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If you find that your music applications aren’t compatible with DJing with WeDJ, don’t be disappointed. We know how to help. The special service MusConv can transfer your entire music library from one streaming service to another. To get started, simply subscribe.