How do SoundCloud rappers get paid?

Rap today has become one of the most popular musical destinations. First of all, among his fans there are many young people. And in 2021, rap is experiencing an unprecedented takeoff.

The pandemic of coronavirus, covering the entire globe, forced representatives of the musical world to switch to new methods of earnings, since there is no opportunity to perform at concerts immediately before the audience. That is why artists transfer the main activity to music streaming services. For some, working with streaming has become a matter of banal survival, and someone has paid considerable dividends. For example, Canadian rapper Drake earned more than $12.6 million on the Swedish streaming music service Spotify in 2019 alone.

SoundCloud is one of the leaders in the global streaming music market. It is equipped with the functionality of a social network. On this platform, musicians and listeners actively interact with each other – you can promote songs in the SoundCloud, comment on each, like, add friends to the author.

How do SoundСloud rappers get paid

SoundCloud «lively»: comments, remarks, criticism or praise from real subscribers. You can actively add new friends, interact with them, listen to their creativity. There is a limit – up to 2 thousand followers, in a day – no more than 100.

Rappers, like other artists, can receive dividends from placing their songs on this popular service. The principle of payment from work is no different from the payment of singles by artists of other genres. The more often users listen to the artist, the more money he will receive for his music. In this case, this is the principle. Given the above and the great popularity of rap, rappers are on the SoundCloud in a privileged position, since this genre collects the largest number of auditions.

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It is believed that large streaming platforms do not want to change such a model, partly because it allows them to make huge profits at the expense of a relatively small number of well-known performers. So, according to a recent study, 10% of all revenues from leading streaming music services were received by 10 leading artists.

The service conducts payments monthly. Monetization is possible only after the amount of at least $100 per stream has accumulated on the artist’s account. Given the size of payments for one stream, which is variable and largely depends on the country where the track was played, to receive this amount and, accordingly, the beginning of monetization, it will take from 25 to 40 thousand strips of one composition over the past month.

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