How Do Spotify Editors Work?

Streaming service Spotify has long been the king of streaming music. And artists are very attentive to this platform, which is not surprising at all. After all, it is Spotify that can make a profit at a difficult time, when for several years the global music industry has been suffering greatly from the lack of live performances of artists in front of the public, and artists receive four out of five dollars of profit from music streaming services. And the streaming service Spotify is the undisputed market leader, holding a share of 35%.

Getting into the top Spotify playlist is considered not just luck, but great luck. The presence of a track in such a top editorial playlist practically guarantees the status of a hit track. But how to get into the top playlist?

Spotify creates literally millions of playlists and can be one of the fastest ways to get your music out to millions of potential fans. Therefore, you will definitely want to enter one of them.

Customizable playlists are specifically designed to help each listener find songs that the service’s curators think they’ll enjoy. Everyone on Spotify has their own personalized playlists tailored to their specific tastes, so no two are the same. The process is automated, these playlists are created using efficient algorithms.

For all Spotify users, curators take a close look at their habits, what they like, what they share, what they save to their playlists and even what they skip, and whether they find like-minded listeners. The service then sends them music that they are likely to enjoy.

Discover Weekly is a collection of songs released every Monday filled with music that the curators of the streaming service are sure listeners will enjoy. Similarly, they are launching Release Radar, a personalized playlist that comes out on Fridays with new releases so fans never miss their idol’s latest song. There’s also the Daily Mix, which is a musical mix for music listeners who have experienced a lot of fluidity. Service curators also create seasonal playlists for listeners.

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Playlists are not easy to create. Although this process is automatic, there are real people behind it who control it. The curators of the music streaming service Spotify are distributed around the world. He clearly understands not only global, but also regional features of music perception, so playlists for a specific target audience are created with high accuracy.

The important thing about these playlists is that the more subscribers you have, the more personalized playlists you will get. For example, if you have 100 subscribers, you will be on 100 Release Radar playlists every time you release new music. If you have 1000 subscribers, you will be in 1000 playlists. It’s like setting up your personal distribution channel, so it’s a good idea to encourage your subscribers to follow you on Spotify.

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