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How do you beat a DDJ 200 match?

High-quality equipment is an essential part of DJing. There are so many options on the market right now; you just need to know what to choose.

How do you beat a DDJ 200 match?

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The Pioneer DDJ 200 controller is an excellent solution for beginners. Also, it costs around $150 which is relatively cheap.

So, now let’s consider why you should choose this controller if you are a beginner DJ. And also, let’s answer the question, “How do you beat the match on DDJ 200?” 

The biggest advantage of this controller is its universality:

  • it can be used with a huge number of programs from different manufacturers (WeDJ, Rekordbox, DJay, and others);
  • works with various streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Beatport, and Sound Cloud;
  • it is possible to charge the device using either a charger with a USB cable or a power bank;
  • can connect to devices using Bluetooth;
  • has a small weight and is easy to transport;
  • you do not need to use additional speakers and can play mixes using your smartphone or built-in laptop speakers;
  • thanks to a variety of programs with which you can work, you have the ability to use a laptop as well as a smartphone or tablet for DJing.

Moreover, if you choose to work with this equipment WeDJ, several other benefits are waiting for you. Firstly, with this program, you get a lot of free features to diversify your mixes. Secondly, this application has a built-in training program. It is a special program that will help you get the skills of DJing from scratch. Detailed hints and tutorials are available absolutely free.

In addition to the tutorial mode, other features are available with WeDJ.

Transition FX. It allows you to learn how to work with decks. With 11 templates and a cross fader, you can learn how to make professional transitions between tracks.

Phrase sync. This feature analyzes your entire track composition and its phrasing. It allows you to successfully match the next track and make the transition seamless.

To sum up, the DDJ 200 is a pretty interesting and good solution for beginning DJs. There are plenty of features in this controller, but the software part can still complement them. Also, a certain advantage is the ability to take music compositions from streaming services.

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