How Do You Become A Billboard Pro?

If you are related to the music industry or just love music and follow the news of the music world, then you are probably familiar with the popular American music and news magazine Billboard.

This magazine was first published in 1894. At first he had no direct relation to music, but gradually began to reorient himself to the news of the musical world, where he took his well-deserved place.

Now it is one of the most popular music news publications not only in the United States of America, but throughout the world.

Billboard has paid and free versions. The free version is public and there is no problem in becoming a user. But in this case, in addition to undernourished advertising, the user simply will not be able to access all the necessary information.

Service analytics is a very effective tool directly for artists, labels, and in general for everyone who is somehow related to the music industry.

  1. To get access to the full functionality, the user will need to subscribe to a paid premium category subscription. To do this, you need to register your account on Billboard Pro.
  2. After this step, you will need to subscribe. The user enters the “Subscription” section in his account and selects the appropriate Pro subscription item.
  3. The next step will be to link a bank card with which payment will be made. It should be noted that the bank card must belong to one of the international payment systems. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a payment for the service.

The cost of the Pro subscription in its basic version is $10.99. Each new user receives a special offer in the form of a free trial for four weeks. Please note that we are talking about exactly four weeks, which is only 28 calendar days, but not 30 days and not a month.

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So you subscribed. If you wish, you can pay for it a year in advance. In the base case, this will be just under $132. But when you sign up for an annual subscription, the user can save money, because he will be given a 10% discount in the price.

After subscribing and before the end of the four-week free trial, the subscriber may unsubscribe. In this case, the money will be returned to his bank account within two weeks, but with the exception of the bank commission, which will have to be paid in any case.

After signing up for a Premium subscription, the user gets access to the full range of features of the publication. He can receive analytical information about the state of the music market in the United States and around the world, as well as in its individual regions. He gets access to the Billboard charts, as well as personalized information about the position of an album or a single track in the US national and global rankings, the number of physical sales and the number of plays on music streaming services.

Billboard Pro is the essence of the music business. He makes insightful analysis, publishes frank and instructive interviews with artists and representatives of the music business who have a direct influence on him.

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